My name is Alan Creech. In 2007 I designed and started making my own rosaries. They are a simple, Franciscan-inspired design - one-decade, straight with a finger loop in the end. I make them basically out of natural materials to stay within the simple, monastic theme.

So, I thought, why not a little cottage, monastic industry here? No reason at all. And off we go...

Yes, I'm Catholic and the rosary is basically a Catholic Christian prayer tool, although prayer beads are used by people even in other religions. Anglican Christians also use prayer beads from time to time. For those of you who are Catholic and are already familiar with praying the rosary, no problem - you can just add one of these to your collection and keep it in your pocket like I do. But these simple rosaries can also be used by Christians of other traditions as well. Nobody's 'gonna smack you if you don't pray the Hail Mary on the ten beads. :) You have my blessing to use it in whatever way will best help you in your spiritual life. I will include a small card with each rosary with a very simple layout of the prayers prayed on this rosary. It won't be every traditional prayer associated with the rosary, just the high-spots.

There's more info on the story link above if you want to check that out - as well as regular updates in the updates section, which is set up as a blog with and rss feed you may subscribe to. I also make a few models of 5-decade rosaries as well as Anglican and Orthodox prayer beads. Please look through the catalogue and find something you like. Peace be with you.