Sunday, November 18, 2007
fannie hensley creech
This week on the Creech Yahoo Group there was an inquiry about some of my direct family, so I thought I'd put this photo up that I happen to have of my Great Grandmother, Fannie Hensley Creech. She was the Mother of my Grandmother, Viola - who married a Creech as well so I guess she was Viola Creech Creech, ha! My Mammaw looked quite a bit like her Mother apparently. I never knew Fannie but I think she probably held me when I was a baby because she was alive until March of 1969, when I was two and a half.

So, here are two images - one of Fannie standing (note the nice heavy stockings), and one of her grave marker.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
family tree sketch > 1850 census
I've just added a little family tree sketch of my "patrilineage" over on the right hand column. Perhaps you can take a glance and see if you find any familiar names. I recently found more detailed info on my 2 Creech ggg-grandfathers in the 1850 Harlan County Census - dist. 1a. Here they are - Thomas and Enoch...

  1. Creech Thomas - 56 - M - Farmer - 1,200 - Kentucky - X
  2. Creech Celia - 50 - F - Kentucky - X
  3. Creech Susan - 23 - F - Kentucky - X
  4. Creech Sally - 21 - F - Kentucky - X
  5. Creech John - 18 - M - Farmer - Kentucky
  6. Creech Mary - 16 - F - Kentucky
  7. Creech Amy - 12 - F - Kentucky
  8. Creech Daniel - 10 - M - Kentucky
  9. Creech Ruth - 7 - F - Kentucky
  10. Creech Calvin - 5 - M - Kentucky
  1. Creech Enoch - 48 - M - Merchant - 450 - North Carolina
  2. Creech Susan - 45 - F - Virginia
  3. Creech Henry - 14 - M - Kentucky
  4. Creech Mary - 12 - F - Kentucky
  5. Creech Martha - 10 - F - Kentucky
  6. Creech John G. - 7 - M - Kentucky
  7. Creech Susan - 5 - F - Kentucky

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Saturday, July 30, 2005
delmer creech
This is Delmer Creech (b. Nov. 28, 1906 - d. Mar. 6, 1967), my grandfather (Pappaw). I say Pappaw although I never called him that. I was never able to as he died when I was only 5 months old. There are pictures of him holding me as a baby so I guess we met. On the left is a portrait of him as a young man, not sure when, probably in the 1920's - dapper, with that hair slicked back. On the right is as old as he got - around the year he died - looks a lot like my Dad now.

Delmer grew up in Dionne, Harlan County, Kentucky, along the Poor Fork of the Cumberland River. As a very young man he worked with his father, Joseph A. Creech, in the Timber/Logging business. My Dad said he showed him stumps of trees when he was young that they had cut on their land, old American Chesnuts and Oaks, that were wide enough to lay down across - wow! Later he was a Coal Miner, like most people at that time (1930's - 40's - 50's), and was a Carpenter. His heart was quite poorly affected by sucking black coal dust for 20 years or so, enlarged, etc., and finally fought back and won in an A&P grocery store in 1967. If that had happened today, he would still be alive. My father has had two heart attacks, several Angioplasties, an Aneurysm Resections and Double Bypass surgery. He'll be around for a while longer thank God.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005
daniel boone creech
This is my great great grandfather, Daniel Boone Creech, b. ca. 1840. I found this photo of him on a website devoted to Civil War veterans today - published, obviously, by a cousin of mine. I took a screen shot of the page and copied the picture. I've e-mailed her to get a copy of it. Maybe it will be a little better quality.

Daniel B. was the father of William Creech, b. 1865, my g-grandfather, who was the father of my grandmother (my Mammaw), Viola Creech, b. 1915, d. 1979. I remember my Mammaw telling me stories about her older brother "Dan'l" - named after his grandfather there. Today is my first glimpse that far back on the Creech side of my family. Very cool.

My father's parents were both Creeches when they were married. This was fairly common at the time and place. They were, as I found later, 3rd cousins. Daniel B. Creech was the first cousin of my other gg-grandfather Creech, Henry Blair Creech, b. 1835 - the father of Joseph A. Creech, b. 1875, d. 1940 - the father of Delmer Creech, b. 1906, d. 1967 (my Pappaw), husband of Viola. Daniel and Henry were both Union veterans of the Civil War, serving respectively in Company's C and B of the Harlan County Battalion - a Union home guard unit. OK, that's all for tonight.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
census records
This is actually more of a test post, but I've been looking at some Harlan County census records lately, just verifying some records on my recent family history on my Father's side. It gets a little complicated when you're from an area where your family name is one of the most common and there are 10 William Creeches in the same census. Then there is the matter of my (and I'm talking about my patrilineage here only) family tree having branches that grow back together. My Father was born of the marriage of two Creeches, who were 3rd cousins.

Anyway, I found them - my Grandfather, Delmer Creech's, Father, Joseph A. Creech, and my Grandmother, Viola Creech's, Father, William T. Creech - in the same census with the right wives and children. What was more interesting was the other information that was recorded for them: whether or not they could read and write, owned or rented, and what they did for a living. Moving right along.

Harlan County, Kentucky census records found linked on this page.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005
new blog
Well, I'm starting to get back into the genealogy world again and decided it might be helpful to start a blog on which to keep record of my research. I'll also be posting images, etc. here for other family members to see. Hopefully this will be fun.

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Welcome to one of my slight addictions - genealogical research. I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog devoted to this alone. I'll use this as a place to "keep" my records together and share them with my family members who are interested. Volenti Nil Difficile!

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